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"The Loom Project" is a branch of our business that intentionally focuses on the production of handwoven carpets from the Baluch tribal villages on the border of Afghanistan and Iran. The nomadic Baluch people have been weaving carpets for thousands of years, and we had the opportunity to tap into their legacy.  The goal was not to have these women weave a completely new style, but mix the traditions of their culture with colors that are more attractive to the western aesthetic.  I find myself trying intensely to bring both east and west together in these pieces.  The colors are primarily of natural undyed wool with pops of pinks, purples and blues.  The goal was to achieve beautiful, simple pieces that popped!  

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These pieces are just the beginning of what we hope is a long term partnership with these weavers.  We believe that buying directly from the weavers themselves is the best way to keep the income, and ultimately the power, in their hands!  The women in these villages are the true bread winners of their families.  They produce these magical carpets that keep their traditional carpet weaving alive.  


Above: One of our weavers on her floor loom weaving using our colors and a template to help guide her. Each knot is tied one by one. The weavers were given artistic license to choose how to use the pops of color and make each piece their own.


Above: This is a picture of the village where our weavers live. It is clear why colorful carpets are used to adorn their homes. Its also clear why they need our support!

Above:This video is of one of our weavers weaving on of our pieces. Notice how each and every knot is tied and cut at the same moment. This time consuming process is what gives these carpets their longevity and value.

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