Jackie, Jorge and Josh


Our story

Kazimah Carpets is a boutique carpet shop providing carpets, textiles and decor to individuals and business looking for beautiful pieces for homes or offices.  We are a husband and wife team who recently moved back to California from Kuwait City. We primarily source our carpets from local Kuwaiti markets which sell eclectic carpets, textiles and home decor from Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Kuwait.  

"Kāzimah"(Kadhima) was an ancient settlement in the modern day Bay of Kuwait that was renowned as a trading port and resting place for pilgrims during the Middle Ages.  As with modern day Kuwait, this area was strategically placed right in the path of trading routes linking Persia and Mesopotamia to the Arabian Peninsula.  Though the caravans have been replaced with cars and planes, the carpets of Persia and Mesopotamia are still being traded in this ancient and beautiful city.